The logic of communities of trust

University of Edinburgh

Mark Alfano

Extended Knowledge, the Recognition heuristic, and Epistemic injustice

Eidyn Conference on Extended Knowledge

Mark Alfano, Gus Skorburg

factitious intellectual virtues

Eidyn Satellite Conference on Extended Knowledge and Education

Mark Alfano

Constructing and validating a scale of intellectual humility

Intellectual Humility Capstone Conference, Catalina Island, 2015

Mark Alfano, Kathryn Iurino, Jacob Levernier

Virtue Epistemology

Philosophy TV
Mark Alfano and Abrol Fairweather

Can We Be Good Without God

A Mars Hill Forum
Mark Alfano, Azim Shariff, Steve Bilynskyj, and Beth Bilynskyj.
Moderated by Richard Beswick



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



The virtue of dark humor

Annual lecture at Australian Catholic University in honor of Simone Weil

Mark Alfano, “Character as Moral Fiction”

New Books in Philosophy Podcast